Frozen Products

Frozen Products

Q: Are these natural?

A: Yes. All our frozens are all 100% natural fruits and greens. No artificial or preservatives added. No sugar added. No salt added.

Q: Are frozen fruits and greens still nutritious?

A: Our frozen goods are just as nutritious as the fresh ones since they are picked at the peak of their ripeness, washed and individually flash-frozen, thus making the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants locked in.

Q: Where are the frozen fruits and greens from?

A: Most of them are imported goods. Our frozen fruits and greens are the same ones that some restaurants around the metro use for smoothies.

Q: Are these FDA approved?

A: Yes. All our frozens are FDA approved.

Q: Safe for babies?

A: Yes. Very safe for babies to consume esp. when they are teething. Just make sure dont feed the small pieces so they wont choke. 

Q: Should I still wash it?

A: No need. All are pre-washed and ready to be eaten outside of the bag.

Q: Why buy frozen goods if there are fresh ones?

A: Affordable and available all season.

Q: Shelf life?

A: Best before date are at the back of each packaging. This only applies when kept frozen at all times.

Q: How to store it?

A: Store at the freezer at all times. Thaw only what needs to be used. We have provided you high grade freezer safe ziplocks. Make sure to seal it tight before placing it inside your freezer.